Blessing in disguise for jewelers


Blessing in disguise for jewelers

Blessing in disguise for jewelers

Worried about business in lockdown situation?

Concerned about Travel Restrictions?

Working hours restrictions?

Don’t worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now education has come to online mode. Courts function online. And you can also reach your customers without actually meeting them.

As a Manufacturer or wholesaler, your B2B business can be run effectively with our MAGNIC EasyCLIQ

You can present your jewelry designs to Retailers and wholesalers Virtually.

Add one drive link

You can upload your Jewelry photos for e Commerce and E catalogues

What is Magnic EASYCLIQ?

This is a Studio that allows even amateurs take professional photography.

A perfect blend of engineering excellence and Sophisticated software.

Add Banner Image with machine n computer screen

Image Processed and rendered in JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats in seconds

Add Screen recording of the photo shoot

Saves huge man hours in editing the photos thereby increase productivity

Magnic EASY CLIQ best alternative to Dependency on “Professional “ Photographers