I beg to differ for a simple reason that 95%


I beg to differ for a simple reason that 95%

I beg to differ for a simple reason that 95%

Is it true that Jewelry photography is an art that only professionals can do it?

I hear you saying “Is there any doubt?”

I beg to differ for a simple reason that 95% of the jewelry photography or videography that is to be used for Ecommerce or E catalogue purpose doesn’t require a professional photographer as such.

For those who whisper “I can’t take chances while shooting highly paid models for hoarding or magazine photos”.

True. Very True

One can easily count on number of instances you do model shoot and viz-a-viz regular Photography for E Commerce or e Catalogues.

Is there any logic behind capturing a jewel with resolution of 5 MB and for the purpose of ecommerce you publish the same in 500Kb? That too after spending heavily on “Professional” photography?

Unable to do more in less time?

Dependency is a killer. Especially when you want to do more in less time.

When you want productivity in anything, the only solution is automation.

Jewelry photography/videography for E commerce/ e Catalogue purposes demand high productivity. Meaning more photos to be shot, edited and published each day.

Conventional method requires Manpower for shooting. Editing, Background removal so on and so forth, Spending hours together post shoot, for each photo.

Is Automation Possible in jewelry photography?

Yes. If not 100% at least to 90%

Magnic EasyCLIQ does all the Three (Shooting. Editing, Background removal – All in one go.

The software does these tasks in seconds, time and again, time and again without getting fatigued and without losing efficiency, which is most unlikely of any human being.

Any way, I only have to physically set camera angle and lighting control Manually right?

Of course, Yes. But Only Camera angle or positioning.

However, for subsequent shooting the Template provision available in the software helps you saving time even on light setting. You set a lighting for a bangle to be shot in 15* camera angle. You save the settings and recall the same while you again wanted to shoot another bangle.

What else in EASYCLIQ?

3600 Videos can be shot easily. And with spot lights your customers will love the glitter of your stone jewelry.

The software has Focus stacking feature that helps you get best shots in long harams and necklaces (Up to 15” Long)

Erase and pen tools provided helps you in fine touch ups

Every shot you take could be saved in JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats by clique of the button.

Water Marking (Brand), Product code (ERP), Ornament weight (in Grams) can be mentioned in the photo.

In all, Magnic EASY CLIQ is your friendly photographer who doesn’t take leave or ask for advance and most importantly does at least three people’s job as many times faster.

Should you require an online demo, Please feel free to call xxxxxxxxxxx