Jewellery Photography Studio

Competitive Advantage in
Every Stunning Image.
EasyCLIQ enables you to take perfect shots of your
products in a 360° spin.
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    Place your product, mount your DSLR camera, pre-define reflections and light settings, and capture the subject at various angles, aperture values, and spins.


    The EasyCLIQ Software will enable you to combine the apertures (focus points) to produce high-clarity images. It also leverages the power of its Advanced Image Processing Technology to automatically remove the background, sharpen the tones and colors, adjust the brightness, and filter any marks on the surface.


    Still-images, 360º spin images, and videos can be exported, in no time, as compatible and scalable formats suitable for various platforms, both web, and print.

    Competitive advantage in every stunning image.

    EasyCLIQ is a comprehensive jewellery photography studio that creates quality photos of your jewellery products on par with that of professional photography. It speeds up image capturing, completely reduces the post-production burden, streamlines photography sessions, and can directly publish the photos in both digital and print mediums.

    EasyCLIQ is unique and compact, and it enables you to take perfect shots of your products in a 360° spin while retaining their true color and highlighting every intrinsic detail, ultimately saving your most valuable resources – time, money, and manpower.


    Easy-to-use Photo Studio

    You don’t need professional studio setups and professionals to conduct photography sessions. The studio can be easily used on the go and the photography outputs can be published immediately.

    Advanced Image Processing Technology

    EasyCLIQ comes with its own proprietary software, whose advanced Image Processing Technology automatically edits and enhances the captured images.

    Original Product Color Retention

    NABL-certified High-CRI LED lighting reveals the actual colors of your products in the visuals, ensuring your customers get exactly what they see on their screens.

    Streamlined Process

    Simplify your visual content production by completely reducing the postproduction burden and accelerate the process of showcasing your products to earn a competitive advantage.

    Hardware Features


    EasyCLIQ Proprietary Software

    Rectangle 2052

    Break the notion that quality photos are only created by professionals.

    EasyCLIQ Proprietary Software provides you an integrated remote control, by allowing you to shoot your products remotely, at the click of a button. You can predefine the aperture values, shutter speed, ISO, and magnification, and conduct the shoots through the software’s interface without any professional experience.
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    Show your products crystal clear from end to end.

    Ultra-focus, an Advanced Image Processing Technology of EasyCLIQ captures your products in multiple small apertures (focus points), merges them, and delivers to you as a single high-clarity picture in a fraction of seconds. This will save you enormous effort and time in post-shoot editing.
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    Your tiring routine of removing the background has now come to an end.

    EasyCLIQ is simplified on the front-end and sophisticated on the back-end, thus making your editing tireless. With every capture, EasyCLIQ’s background removal feature automatically removes the background of the products precisely and sharpens the images aligning with global standards.

    Technical Specifications

    LED CRI:
    Light Intensity:
    0-25000 lux (Controllable)
    Turntable Motor Speed:
    0-10 Rpm (Controllable)
    Supported Camera Model:
    All Canon Cameras
    55 Kg
    Ornament Load:
    1 Kg
    Power Supply:
    230V | Max 400 W
    Product Dimensions:
    610 L x 680 W x 772 H
    Product Weight:
    90 Kg