Detect & segregate
Ferrous impure
jewels with in seconds,
Sell ferrous free jewels to all your customers with ultra confidence and your Brand reputation
is never ever at stake !
Gold testing machine

In Gold Jewellery Manufacturing companies, jewels are polished using small magnetized pins in a washer machine fitted with powerful electromagnets at the bottom. This process may sometimes cause the tiny pins of 2mm length and 0.5mm Diameter to be stuck with small pores in the jewels. This causes reduction in quality of the jewels produced and needs to be removed. In the current scenario, the pin is removed manually which is time consuming and even after testing 5% of defects will occur.So, in order to achieve 100% quality output jewellery manufacturing & retailing companies are looking for completely automated solution which classifies the jewelries containing ferrous impurities which should alerts the tester and segregative the defected and non-defected ones.

Solution Found !
Gold analyzer


High Quality

Delivers High Quality Product to the End Customer The machine ensures . that totally a defect free jewellery is delivered to the end customer, which upholds the reputation of the Retailer.

Save Money

Ferrous particle detection once used to be a very time consuming process, performed using a skilled manpower, after the induction of machine, the labour, toil and time of the retailer is saved which indirectly saves money for them.

Save Time

A single can be checked in less than 4 seconds of time, so that it reaches the retailer shelf as soon as possible.

Reduce Manpower

The machine can be operated with very minimal or single manpower.

Data’s Stored

Continuous Data Logging and Report Generation can be done and stored in Pen drive or a memory card.